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Measure economic progress, Proactively experiment to improve, Limit work in process, Embrace collective responsibility, Solve systemic problems
Agile Base Pattern Summary, Erik Gibson

What I’m looking for in the dharma is not just a set of effective self-help techniques, stripped of philosophical and ethical context. I’m seeking to find a way of life.  —Stephen Batchelor

Two years ago, I paused writing about agile practices. Many factors contributed: I was considering a move to Asia, I was separating from my spouse of 28 years (amicable, but complex), a friend offered me a management position in his biotech company. It became less urgent to write about agility, than to address more immediate needs. But while I didn’t write about agility, I used agility in my personal life.

Personal Improvement Scrum

Daily Mantra: Contribute 10× the Value You Capture

I have a little mantra I say to myself whenever I walk in the door of an employer.

“How will I save or gain at least 10 times my daily salary for my organization today?”

This question challenges us, especially if we are buried in the beast of a large organization. We might not even know how we add value. But the confusion just points out that we have a responsibility to figure it out.

Once you figure out how you contribute, you should say to yourself, “Well how do I measure that?”

Once you measure yourself, you might wonder how you can do better. You start experimenting with what you are doing, and measuring outcomes.