Here is a selection of resources and tools that may help you implement Agile in your organization.

Why Should Agilists Care About Capitalization?

A link to the Agile Capitalization article Dan wrote for InfoQ.

The First of Five Challenges to Large Organizations that Force Agility

Sometimes, looking at the bigger picture of workflow can highlight traditional bottlenecks. Breaking down interdepartmental barriers will bring greater agility to an organization. In this first of 5 articles, Dan Greening makes a strong case for doing software modification tasks in a virtual laptop environment and automating regression testing into systems accessible to all departments affected by those changes.

Enterprise Scrum: Scaling Scrum to the Executive Level

Dan Greening’s paper on scaling Scrum to the executive level has been published by IEEE. It was selected as the best paper in the agile track at HICSS.

Release Duration and Enterprise Agility

This paper was presented at the 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) in Koloa, Hawaii.

Rapid Agile Forecasting

Estimating software projects is wasteful of staff time, sanity and rarely delivers any expected accuracy. Senex Rex Agile forecasting delivers results.

Dan Greening recently got together with John Rudd to discuss Agile capitalization methods.